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According to World Health Organization statistics, as much as 75% of the U.S. adult population does not meet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Recommended Daily Intake of 420 mg of magnesium. 

When magnesium levels drop below normal one may experience:


            -muscle spasms/cramps/restless legs



            -heart arrhythmia



Individuals with a higher risk for a magnesium deficiency include:


            -those who eat a diet high in processed foods

            -vitamin d deficiency

            -Crohn’s/Celiac/Irritable Bowel patients




            -Pregnancy/Breast Feeding

            -those taking anti-depressant medications

            -those taking blood pressure medications

Your medical doctor can run a serum magnesium test which checks the magnesium levels in the blood.

We carry three different magnesium products at Steele Chiropractic, Natural Calm (mg citrate), Ca/Mg/Zyme (mg citrate) and Magnesium Lactate.  You can also get magnesium from your diet.  Some foods high in magnesium include nuts, spinach, black beans, peanut butter and avocado. 

Natural Calm, Magnesium Lactate and Ca/Mg Zyme

If you think taking a magnesium supplement could benefit you talk to one of the doctors at your next visit.