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Tips for Choosing the Right Flip Flop  

  1. Bend them!  Gently bend the flip flop.  The only place it should bend is the ball of the foot which helps for walking. 
  2. Sizing- It’s important to make sure your heel and toes do not hang off the edges.  
  3. Material- Look for soft leather flip flops which lowers the chance of getting blisters.  The sole should be thicker and provide arch support to help prevent plantar fasciitis.
  4. Replace- It’s important to regularly check the flip flops for signs of wear.  Look for cracks in the sole and the top thong part for loosening.   
  5. Store- Check out local shoe stores.  They will be able to correctly fit you for a great pair of flip flops.  Steele Chiropractic recommends The Heel in Green Bay.  If flip flops aren’t your thing check out other sandals from brands who may also make flop flops like Birkenstock, Vionic, Chaco, Aetrex and Fit Flop.