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Carrying a heavy purse can lead to pain and muscle spasms in the shoulders, neck and low back. Which can lead to numbness and tingling in your arms, neck and mid back.


  1. STOP carrying your purse the same way all the time. Train yourself to switch shoulders or switch off between wearing the purse as a crossbody or carrying on your arm.
  2. Wear a backpack! Use both straps and tighten them so the backpack is worn close to your body. There are some great fashionable purses that resemble backpacks!!
  3. Clean out your purse regularly..Aim for every 2 weeks. You would be suprised how much stuff accumulates in your purse in such a short time.
  4. Ideally, your purse should not weigh more than a gallon of milk! So next time your in the grocery store hold your purse in one hand and a gallon of milk in the other… if your purse is heavier its time to clean out!
  5. If you have a large heavy purse that is packed with stuff consider carrying two smaller bags. For example one bag with the essentials and another bag for water bottle, extra clothes for the gym, diapers, snacks etc.