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What is the best sleeping position??….Let’s compare!


PROS: Maintains a neutral position for the head, neck and spine and also helps reduce acid reflux since head is elevated.

CONS: May cause snoring.


CONS: May cause neck and shoulder problems and headaches if your pillow does not support the distance between your head and shoulder properly. Many people twist their hips causing misaligments of the pelvis and lower back pain. *A pillow between the knees help prevent misalignments and pain.

PROS: Reduces snoring by elongating the spine and reduces acid reflux since head is elevated.



CONS: Sleeping with your head turned to one side is hard on the neck because it elongates the neck muscles on one side and shortens the muscles on the other side creating an imbalance. A lot of people sleep with their arms above their head which can cause tingling or numbness in the arms and hands from irritating nerves and decreasing circulation. It is hard on our lower back if your matress has any give to it. This can cause jammed up joints in the lower back and can irritate nerves causing tingling or numbness in the legs.