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On Sunday June 3rd, 2018 Dr. Marc, Dr. Kari and Renee, our massage therapist competed in the Aurora Baycare Triathlon.  With very little training time they were so surprised and excited when they received 1st place in the Co-ed division.  Dr. Marc is no stranger to competition but Dr. Kari and Renee have never did anything like this before in their adult life!  Below are Dr. Kari and Renee’s thoughts about their experience.

RENEE (swim)

reneeYou can swim right?  That was the questions Dr. Marc asked me one day at the office.  I replied yes, but not in a while.  The next day Dr. Marc, Dr. Kari and I signed up for our first team triathlon together.  We had one week to prepare!  I would be swimming the ¼ mile swim portion of the triathlon… so I hit the lake!  I had not swam in a few months or competed in years so I knew this would be interesting!  I did 3 practice swims before the triathlon.  I decided I needed the most practice swimming in open water so my first swim I did at Harpts Lake, it did not go so well.  My swim cap broke and the sea weed was terrible, but I swam it in less than 10 minutes.  My next 2 swims I did in a pool and those went much better.  Finally Sunday came and I met Kari and Marc at Ashwaubenmay Lake.  I was so nervous I barley slept but I was ready to do this!  I started the triathlon with the swim and gave it my all, literally! (I think Kari was worried for a few minutes while I was laying on the grass after trying to catch my breath)  Before we knew it Marc was already was back from his bike ride, he was fast!!!  Kari was next for the running portion and she did fantastic too.  We cheered her over the finish line and we were all grinning.  We did it!!  Next came the biggest surprise, we took 1st out of all the co-ed teams!  Competing in this triathlon was an amazing experience that I can’t wait to do again!  I am so thankful to work with such incredible people who encourage you to go beyond what you think you can do.  This was one experience I will truly never forget!

DR. MARC (bike)


DR. KARI (run)

When Dr. Marc asked if I wanted to do the running portion of a triathlon I thought sure that sounds like fun, a good goal to work towards for the end of the summer.  However, I didn’t realize he was referring to the following weekend!!! Eek!!! Panic and nervous thoughts ran through my mind when I realized I agreed to do this.  Sure I have been working out all winter but at that point hadn’t started to run at all so I wasn’t sure I could run the full 5K.  To most that doesn’t seem long but even when I ran the year before we only ever did 2.5 miles and we would take a walk well really a talk break.  So on the Tuesday before the big race I decided I should pkarirobably know for sure that I can do this and I did.  I ran a 5K with a pace of 9:32/mile.  So I was pleased with that at least I knew I could do it!!! So the morning of the race came and I got up and started to get ready and I was excited and so nervous and I could feel some adrenaline start to kick in.  All I could think was just get through this…..and I DID!!! It was one of the most exciting and gratifying things I ever did.  I was grateful that I did it as a team because I started out with too fast of a pace and I wanted to stop and walk.  But how could I???  My other teammates gave it their all I needed to do the same.  I pushed myself to my own personal best and finished the race with an 8:49/mile pace.  So for all you people out there that think you can’t you can!!!  I promise you Team Steele Chiropractic will be out there again looking to challenge ourselves, have fun and do our best!