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Are you or someone you know living a dairy/egg free lifestyle? I have been eating this way for a little over a year and more recently other members in my family as well. Since the majority of my household does not eat eggs breakfast tends to be tricky, until I came across Follow Your Heart Vegan Eggs.


I have used other egg replacer products before in baking but never found a product to replace eggs as a meal. Making these “eggs” is simple. All you do is whisk together the Vegan Egg powder with ice cold water and cook them like you would regular eggs. I have found preheating the skillet before adding the “eggs” tends to work best.  This past weekend we decided to add red peppers, mushrooms and seasonings. We also made plain “eggs” for the kids since they do not like cooked red peppers and just added seasoning.

EGGS (2)

I decided to take my “eggs” and make a breakfast sandwich. It turned out fantastic! I used an english muffin for the toast, Smart Balance Dairy Free Butter, Follow Your Heart Vegan Eggs and Follow Your Heart Cheddar Cheese. This cheese actually melts really well but I was hungry so I didn’t wait…ha!



Below are links for Follow Your Heart and Smart Balance products used in this breakfast. All of these products were purchased at the local Piggly Wiggly in Kewaunee. I highly recommend these products if you are looking for a replacement for dairy/eggs…and as a bonus they are husband and kid approved!!

–Jessica (staff member at Steele Chiropractic)

https://followyourheart.com/ https://www.smartbalance.com/